These units have direct, curbside on-street elevator access.

Long term storage rental for limited access and no personnel occupancy. These spaces are being rented as long-term storage spaces exclusively. We will not rent these spaces for any other purpose. There are three rooms total, two of which will be available starting August 1st.

Commercial loading zone with on street freight elevator access to the basement storage units. Carts on site, easy in and out. The space is also accessible via stairs from the building’s street door. No natural light, limited ventilation. Certified fire suppression sprinkler system. Full concrete floors and ceilings. Shared lavatories. Baseboard heating, exhaust hvac system, no cooling. Fluorescent lights and basic power capability. Without heating or cooling, space maintains a median temperature of 60 degrees.

Potential applicants are sought for low impact long term storage rental tenancy. No noise or occupancy of any type. First month, last month and one month of security deposit at a minimum will be required to secure a lease.

Units B and C: 300 SF each